Automatic paper box making machine traditional artisanal way unparalleled superiority in the technical level, this will be the inevitable trend of development of the paper hard case.

Contrast factors Mechanical operation Manual operation Contrast factors Mechanical operation Manual operation
Glue type Hot melt Water glue Wettability Easy viscose Difficult viscose
Dry glue speed Instant dry Long drying time Positioning control Computer-controlled Eye observation
Degree of deformation No deformation Easily deformed Precision control ±0.5mm Large errors
Glue control Computer-controlled Workers experience Precision products Can produce Difficult to produce
Gluing uniformity Uniform Uneven Products specification Standardization Uneven
Smoothness Good Easy to fold Operating speed Fast Slow
Corner pasting tape PE hot melt tape BOPP scotch tape Number of workers 8-10 workers 100 workers
Firm level Difficult unglued,Firm Unglued,Not firm Workshop area 100 Square meters 600 Square meters

Automatic paper box machine economic feasibility analysis:

Since automatic paper box making machine than traditional hand paperhanging practices has obvious advantages, then this project on the return on investment and whether the cost-effective it? In the following, the expense of the production of automatic paper box making machine from my company, effective, effective investment than recycling cycle, and with the artisanal way payback comparison to study the economic feasibility analysis.

1. Automatic paper box machine production boxes manufacturing costs: Example, our analysis of the cost of traditional artisanal way "shoebox" as an example, to analyze their expenses, so that you can more accurately make a comparison between the two.

A. Unit paper box manufacturing costs:

① use the "outside Biaozhi and cardboard tray of paper, cardboard costs.

② tray before printing plate-making, printing, surface finishing (including bronzing, light and laminating), cutting, die-cutting and other costs. The cost of 2 kinds of practices are same.

③ cardboard inside the box stickers angle PE coated hot melt adhesive tape costs, and the outside Biaozhi adhesive glue costs. We have calculated per square meter of paper need to glue a cost of 0.25 yuan RMB, then glue the cost required for the above set of ordinary shoebox for: (0.53 × 0.43) - (0.125 × 0.125 × 4) + (0.41 × 0.31) - (0.055 × 0.055 × 4) = 0.2804 square meters ; 0.2804 square meter × 0.25 = 0.0701 yuan RMB / set. Each set of tray required tape costs: 8/30 000 * 18.5 = 0.004933 yuan RMB.

④ The machine operating cost of workers' wages. The daily production of 15,000 sets of each set of automatic carton machine, takes 20 hours, requires a total of eight people to operate. 80 × 8 ÷ 15000 sets / day = 0.042 yuan RMB / set.

⑤ machine operator electricity costs. 300 degrees / day × 0.75 yuan / kWh ÷ 15,000 units / day = 0.015 yuan RMB / set. In summary, machine produce unit paper box manufacturing total cost: 0.070 +0.005 +0.042 +0.015 = 0.132 yuan RMB / set.

B. Plant space: If the producing 15,000 sets of a shoebox, mechanized way of just 100 square meters workshop, and quick-drying glue package shipped the same day, so a maximum and then with 500 square meters warehouse can.

C. Logistical and administrative expenses: mechanized production can be immediately incorporated into your existing production operations management processes, and so no longer need other costs expenditures.

2. Hand-papered production paper box manufacturing costs the:

① glue cost: 0.0756 yuan RMB / set. ② tape paper costs: 0.0056 yuan RMB / set. ③ The commission costs (wages): 0.1600 yuan RMB / set.

The total cost of the unit paper box manufacturing hand-papered practices: 0.0756 +0.0056 +0.160 = 0.2412 yuan RMB / set.

Note: The above costs do not include logistics services, management fees and electricity.

3. Benefit:

We have visited many printing companies and paper box buyers, from which we can learn some market: automatic paper box making machine processing the tray unit price can be increased by 0.06-0.10 yuan, and then calculate the cost difference between the calculated increase efficiency: +0.08 Yuan RMB / (0.2412 yuan RMB / -0.102 yuan RMB / set) = 0.2192 yuan RMB / So, if we can ensure that the business of 15,000 sets per day tray day work to increase efficiency: 15,000 sets × 0.2192 yuan RMB / set = 3288 yuan RMB / day.

4. Recovery cycle: Can calculate 85 million RMB investment, saving workers commission recovery cycle: about 8 months.

Conclusion: After manufacturing costs, benefits, and other aspects of the analysis of the two practices, we can conclude that: 1. manual process is not low cost; 2. The automatic paper box making machine production input-output ratio is very high, and has a long-term returns. Therefore, automatic paper box making machine is very cost-effective in the economic level.


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